Manufactures & Sales undersea Dive/Walk™ helmets

  • Can be operated from small Pontoon boats or from an existing dock
  • Water proof goldplated microphones & earphones for maximum reliability
  • Diver to diver & diver to surface communications
  • 6 paying guests & 1 guide per dive
  • Live color video supplied from guide-diver's helmet
  • Suitable for use in snorkeling, sight-seeing tours, Aquariums and Sea Parks
  • Complete turnkey resort package
  • Proven Money Maker
  • Joint ventures considered
  • Alternative to scuba diving/snorkeling
  • Average payoff 3 to 6 months
  • Patent-pending dive-helmet system

Helmets & Control Console

Diving Compressor

Your guests can wear glasses or contacts. Even if they can't swim, it's no problem! The head stays completely dry. No regulators or snorkels. Designed for tourist operations, i.e., resorts, hotels, snorkeling tour operations, sightseeing boats, aquariums and sea parks. The business is a very simple operation that's profitable, safe, and exciting. Make this the height of guests' vacation.
Sloan's Dive/Walk™ System permits normal easy unlabored breathing, just like a commercial deep sea diver's helmet. Compressor onboard provides continuous fresh air flow into the helmet using no regulators, or mouthpieces. Your head doesn't get wet and you can reach in to adjust your glasses. Guests have unrestricted visibility through the clear polycarbonate dome. Guests descend by an underwater elevator or down a ladder in the rear of boat or even off the end of your pier to a depth of 8 to 20 feet. In an aquarium operation an underwater elevator lowers six guests at one time. Guests are supervised as they walk on sandy bottoms between coral reefs teaming with tropical fish. Guests can even feed fish and talk to each other underwater. It is the ultimate underwater ecosystem interactive educational tool.
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Guests feeding fish
System includes full underwater intercom which allows the guide and guests to communicate with each other and their friends and family on the surface. The Sloan Dive/Walk™ System includes a control console for the surface tender which allows complete air supply monitoring and communications. A camera mounted on the lead diver's helmet produces a live color underwater video feed with sound of the whole experience. This allows friends and family to view live video on a surface monitor as the dive takes place. The video is recorded in VHS format which is sold as an added revenue source. All international television formats are available upon request.

Shallow water helmet diving is a safe undersea adventure, for ages 12 to 70. Even certified scuba divers find this adventure fun and exciting. Fun for the whole family.

Sloan manufactures a turnkey package for undersea walk adventures. A Sloan Dive/Walk™ System is uncomplicated and affordable, with unlimited market appeal. We can assist with site selection, staff training, and marketing.

Tender and
Control Console
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